Wonderfully Made

Wall decals & prints for children's rooms & nurseries, designed to encourage the little adventurers of this wonderful world

Hi there! I am Beck: Christian, Architect, idealist, mother, avid tea drinker and part-time park runner. In Wonderfully Made, my aspiration is to offer a series of contemporary wall decals and prints that will delight parents as well as their children. I use simple shapes and bright, complementary colours to create abstract scenes of the great outdoors, designed to capture the attention of even the newest babes as their young eyes begin to discern colour and pattern. For little ones growing bigger, my hope is that the designs and the Bible verses that accompany them will, in a small way, inspire confidence and joy in our children as they embark on the adventure of life in this wonderful but at times daunting world.  The verses tend to highlight either the amazing promises that God makes to His people or the awesome character of God. I would love for the designs to act as conversation-starters between parents and children, providing opportunities to share the gospel with our little ones and rejoice in the assurances that it offers. 

10% of profit goes to Home for Good, a charity which exists to find a home for every child who needs one and to make sure that foster carers and adoptive families get the support they need.