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Cheerfully Given was started to support Christian artists, designers and makers in any way we can as they pursue their creative calling, and as a resource for the wider church to buy design-led Christian gifts, stationery and homeware that reflect the life found in Jesus.

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Rachel Painter Artist

High quality art prints & products painted to inspire & share hope.

Hi I'm Rachel! I’m a Cornwall-based contemporary landscape painter & I paint unwritten melodies.

Behind the brushstrokes

As a landscape painter I seek beautiful scenery. You’ll find me wandering the wide-open spaces and woodlands of Cornwall and Exmoor (and I have my sights set on Scotland and Wales too!) Aside from the luscious colour and play of light, I see landscapes mirroring the narrative that goes on within us.

‘Your life is a story. Write well. Edit often’. I’m not sure who said that but it would describe the big picture of my creative process. It’s an on-going conversation with the Father about finding and staying in a place of freedom.

People say my work is hopeful. For me hope and freedom are related. Without hope, it’s hard to make room to dream. Without a dream, it becomes difficult to move freely in any direction.

A lot of my work centres on the courage and faith to become – looking ahead into the void and bravely making steps into the wide open spaces of your ‘life’s landscape’. It’s about discovering a confidence and grace whilst watching God work all things work together for good for those who love Him. I see this echoed as I create- the unpredictable pathways forming within the paint creates a sense of vast space coming together in a celebration of colour and life!

Why are your paintings called unwritten melodies?

I call my paintings ‘unwritten melodies’ because like music fills a space invisibly, I use colour, movement and the metaphor of landscape to sing a song within my work that fills the ‘not-yet written spaces’ before us with the fresh promise, hope and light that is found in Jesus.

You can purchase here high quality glicee art prints with colours as fresh & vibrant as the original paintings. I have new art products coming soon-  you can follow me on Instagram at @rachel.painter.artist to keep up to date with the latest from my studio.

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Thanks for taking a look,

Rachel x