By the Brook Creations

Sustainably produced paper goods and gifts heartening us with Christ-centred joy and hope in every season. By Roché Brook - coffee consuming, alliteration adoring artist and spoonie.

Hello! I'm Roché - letterer, illustrator and spoonie. My first name can be tricksy to pronounce so if you haven't heard it before it's "ro-shay".

At By the Brook Creations I’m passionate about sustainably producing beautiful and biblical cards, gifts and stationery.

I love to encourage with truths that bring joy, hope and comfort in every season (be they happy, hard or somewhere in between). Creations that turn our eyes to the wonderful Lord Jesus by whom and for whom we were created. Jesus really is the best gift ever.

👩‍🦱A little more about me

I live in Chessington with my husband Andy and work in a cosy crafty corner of our home. Through God’s incredible kindness I love the Lord Jesus.

I have two chronic conditions and in these ongoing struggles God has given me the privilege of seeing that he really has prepared good works for us to do (Ephesians 2:10) however he’s sovereignly orchestrated our lives and limits.
And encouragement is a glorious gift and good work from a very good God.

I'm a verbal processor and very happily a geek. I love time with friends, laughing lots, good coffee and good chocolate (fussy? no, I'd like to think discerning😂). I adore alliteration and am fond of fab food!⁣

Enjoy perusing the products and thanks for stopping by,
Roché 💛