Meet the New Sellers: Emily Gornall of Transformed by Grace

Meet the Makers Emily Gornall of Transformed by Grace | Cheerfully Given Blog Series

An invitation to meet our new sellers...

We’ve recently had several amazing sellers join our fab Cheerfully Given seller community so thought we’d take the time to introduce them and show off their inspiring products.

Combine a love of books and faith and you get a thriving business based around Christian bookmarks. Intrigued? Well, today we’re catching up with Emily Gornall of Transformed by Grace, one of our new sellers.

As a fellow bookworm, it’s great to welcome you, Emily. We love introducing new Cheerfully Given sellers to the community. To kick things off, can you explain - why bookmarks??

I thought bookmarks would be an obvious one for me - I love reading, and am always buying bookmarks from various places and I didn't have any Christian ones. So I thought "why don't I do it myself?".

The first bookmarks I designed were all based on family member's favourite Bible verses, as well as my own (Psalm 121), and then I developed others from there.

Plus I love designing things! I love bookmarks and all kinds of stationery - it feels like my head is always full of ideas!

Head shot of Emily Gornall of Transformed by Grace at Cheerfully Given
Transformed by Grace logo on white background with floral border underneath at Cheerfully Given

What a great idea (as a fellow book lover, you can never have too many bookmarks). Do you have a favourite?

I love my double-sided Old and New Testament book list bookmarks - I love the marbled effect background which is different from my other designs, and it's so handy when I can't remember where to look for a Bible book (that's not just me, right??) :D

Definitely not just you. I’m sure you mentioned someone had used your bookmarks in a slightly unusual setting?

Yes! When I started in 2018, one of the first orders I got was for someone who wanted to hand the bookmarks out at a funeral, and I was really touched that they wanted to include them at a really difficult time in their life, but also so thankful that maybe they offered some hope to people, or brought God's Word to someone who had never heard it before. 

Equally, I have designed ones for wedding favours, and again - it's wonderful when people include something that you have made into their most important events.

I want to go to a wedding with bookmark favours! Thank you for sharing with us today, Emily.

If you want to find out more about Emily’s bookmarks at Transformed by Grace, you can go to her Cheerfully Given shop here.

~ Becky