Meet the New Sellers: Sharon White of Sharon White Designs

Meet the Makers header with photo of Sharon White and pink and gold designs on navy Sharon White of Sharon White Designs

An invitation to meet our new sellers...

We’ve recently had several amazing sellers join our fab Cheerfully Given seller community so thought we’d take the time to introduce them and show off their inspiring products.

Today we’re talking to Sharon of Sharon White Designs, finding out a bit more about her creative side and the story behind Sharon White Designs!

Welcome to the family, Sharon! We’re so excited to have you join the Cheerfully Given community. Let’s start with where you’re currently based because that seems to have a big impact on your art?

Absolutely! I live by the sea in Scarborough with my husband. A variety of things inspire me, particularly patterns and colour that I see in nature around me. I have always loved tiny cute things and I love drawing beautiful intricate designs to complement my lettering. 

Sharon White stands on a heather moorland | Sharon White Designs | Cheerfully Given
Sharon White Designs Turquoise and Pink Logo at Cheerfully Given

I’m sure you mentioned your designs often start off on scraps of paper??

Yes, my designs often start off as a quick sketch, sometimes on the back of old envelopes or bits of paper found in my handbag, as inspiration comes at random times!

I wish my scraps of paper were covered with fun Scripture art and nature designs. So how did you go from scribbling on old envelopes to running Sharon White Designs?!

My business was born out of my love of brush lettering which I set about teaching myself a few years ago and my desire to use this skill to encourage others and spread joy.

My first project to hone my brush lettering skills was to hand-letter Bible verses to complement Christian poems in a poetry book my mum was having published. This then led on to returning to a craft I enjoyed when I was younger - making handmade cards and gifts, but this time using brush lettering to create beautiful hand lettered products.

That’s amazing! Here at Cheerfully Given we LOVE to talk about God’s creativity and how we’ve been created in His image. We’d love to know how you have been able to take your faith and tie it into your business and creativity?

When designing my cards and gifts, I start off by hand lettering paraphrased words of wisdom from verses from the Bible and use these words to inspire the design I create around the words. 

My hope is that by people buying and sending my hand lettered products, it will encourage others in their faith and give a natural way to spark conversations about God e.g. through artwork hanging on your walls.

It’s amazing how something as simple as a piece of artwork hanging on a wall can open the door to conversations. Do you have a favourite piece?

My most recent product in my shop which I really enjoyed creating is my ‘Sing a New Song Praise Cards’. These can be used as journaling prompt cards to reflect on an aspect of who God is to you, using the suggested Bible verses to praise God.

I have found this helpful personally, particularly when going through a time when it was hard to feel like praising God. It helped change my thinking from the hopelessness of a situation to feeling hopeful and joyful because of who God is.

I saw those the other day and thought they were a fantastic idea (as well as stunning).

(I think my favourite has to be your new baby card as we got it for our daughter’s 1st birthday to store in her memory box ~ B)

Thank you so much for joining us, Sharon!

If you want to find out more about Sharon’s artwork with Sharon White Designs, you can go to her Cheerfully Given shop here.

~ Becky

A Christian Print of a Tree filled with the Fruit of the Spirit words and various fruits on a white background by Sharon White Designs @ Cheerfully Given
Heart shaped Love is patient Christian card by Sharon White Designs @ Cheerfully Given