Meet the Makers: Becky Dibb of Alimoo Designs

An invitation to meet our sellers...

We have an amazing community of creatives and artists here at Cheerfully Given who love Jesus and are passionate about sharing Him through unique and excellent designs.

So we decided to take the time to introduce them and show off their inspiring products!

Alimoo Designs has been part of the Cheerfully Given fabric for quite some time now (is it nearly 4 years?!) but we've not actually sat down with Becky Dibb before and talked through all things creative and faith and where her vibrant colourful designs - that we enjoy in card, print, and even tea towel format - orignate from!

Headshot of Becky Dibb of Alimoo Designs for Cheerfully Given

Becky, it is a real delight to explore Alimoo Designs with you today and find out more about the 'behind the scenes'. We love having you as part of the Cheerfully Given community!

For those who don't know you or Alimoo Designs, can you give us a brief introduction, including how creativity is woven into your life?

My name is Becky, and I am a mum of two. Alice, 9, and Jude, 19, a wife to Ian. We live in Cornwall, where we are blessed to be close to the sea and countryside. We like to spend most of our time on the coastline.

Creativity comes from the beauty around me, the textures, vivid colours, and the emotions it brings.

How did Alimoo Designs come into being? What is the journey God has led you on?

I was a full-time graphic designer for over 24 years, working for a large print company. A very fast pace job, designing and producing print on demand. My experience taught me a lot about design, print, and people. I am grateful for my time there because I wouldn't be serving the Lord with the gift and talent He equipped me with without it.

God gives us the desires of our hearts, and I had a burning desire to create cards, posters, etc., that centred around Jesus. Cards to encourage other Christians, but my main hope was that Christians would send them to their friends or family that didn't already know Him.

A seed planted in their hearts to grow. A word of encouragement, hope, and love.

With that desire in my heart, I created 30 basic postcards and gave them to friends and family. I had a wonderful response, and an amazing lady I didn't know at the time gifted me the exact amount quoted to set up my website.

God gave me the word, "Get out of your boat, walk on water and keep your eyes fixed on me."

So after a few years of working full time at the printers and working on Alimoo in the evenings, I decided to trust the Lord fully. I handed my notice in, thinking I would work full time on Alimoo.

However, God had other plans, and within two weeks, I got offered a job working for my church that was entirely out of my comfort zone. I accepted it, fully knowing this was where He had placed me.

I now work part-time for my church and Alimoo Designs. I feel so grateful and blessed, as I love both!

Wow, how incredible to see God placing you into exactly the right place at the right time! Creativity - what inspires it for you?

Simply the Word of God.

Every time I read it, I receive new revelations, and it always feels like awe and wonder. God is infinite, so I will never run out new ideas to create for Him.

What are your favourite forms of creative expression? What elements of your work bring you the most joy?

I love the idea process, reading Scripture, and praying into it.

“Jesus, how would you like me to express this for others?”

Often this is where the idea will grow, and sometimes into something completely different from my original idea.

Talk us through the growth of an idea. How do you get from that initial inspiration to the full finalised product?

Most of my work is print-based. I have a wonderful relationship with my local printers, so I can pretty much ask for print on demand. I work from my home office, surrounded by photos and paintings from my children.

My designs are mainly graphic-based, but I love to paint and sometimes use this as a medium.

I also create sea glass art, which I collect from my local beaches.

As we finish, let's end with the centre of it all: Jesus. What does He mean to you in the creative process? How is His life reflected in Alimoo Designs?

The love of Jesus is the one element I want to get across.

Jesus is love, He loves us so much, and if only one person receives that from one of my designs, I am happy.

Sometimes I receive a message that just makes me cry. God's word is living; it heals so many wounds. It’s such an honour to work for the King of Kings. I wouldn't want to do anything else.

That seems a great place to sign off, Becky! Thank you so much for sharing with us today and giving us a peep into the inner workings and faith of Alimoo Designs!

You can find Becky Dibb's shop here:

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Thank you for reading - pop back next week for more Meet the Makers!