The Cup and Crown - Art print

by MySoulThirsts

Art Print of original acrylic painting depicting Jesus' crown of thorns and a chalice. Available in 2 formats: quality mounted or ready framed (30x30cm)


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This painting started out because I can get a bit annoyed about the ‘niceness’ of a lot of our church rituals! Holy Communion can have a rather slick, ‘professional’ feel to it. I don’t think that is how it should be.

The actual events commemorated were nothing like that! - a final meal with much fear and tension in the air, a betrayal, sham trial and dubious sentence. The crown of thorns is not even featured in our churches much, apart from at Easter. It must have been horrendous, the treatment of Jesus. We can only imagine.

So, in this painting I am trying to depict that we can’t have one without the other. We can’t have a nice shiny chalice for our Holy Communion services without thinking about the barbarity of the crown and the subsequent cross.

Art Print available in a high quality card mount with backboard and protected in a cellophane art bag. Overall size 300×300mm. Packaging is bubble wrap and strong white card envelope.

Also available in a light wood effect frame. Overall size 320×320mm

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