Encouraging and inspiring Art Prints to bring God's Word alive in your home.

My Artwork

I produce a range of Art Prints from my original paintings. They are all based on Bible verses or Christian themes. They can be used for personal devotion or meditation; or can be placed around the home or church to remind us of the promises of God and His love for us all.

They are semi-abstract in style, mostly bright in colour and incorporate textures and stencil designs.

My Journey

I discovered painting to express my faith in 2004. It was the start of a discovery about myself and about God. I learnt that I could engage with Bible verses about who God is, and that I could actually worship through painting. The process of putting paint on paper felt like a connection far deeper than reading words or trying to pray. I’m very grateful to God for this discovery.

When considering what to paint, I ‘see’ or sense a theme or Bible verse that I want to try to paint. The process takes time and patience to get a picture I am happy with, but it’s exciting too! I like to try painting with lots of different materials and making my own stencils or printing with textures I find.

I love experimenting with this creative path and I like to try and encourage other people to have a go. I have been encouraged by how God uses art to open up people, including myself, to a new way of worshipping Him.