'Rescue' - Unisex Kids T Shirt

by Notes to Treasure

These unisex kids T Shirts are beautifully printed with their bold white Lino Print design ready to wear. Treat your young ‘un or give this as a unique gift.


Ships from United Kingdom

Ready for dispatch in 3-5 Business Days

  • UK - £4.99
  • International - £7.50


This 'Overt', 'Co-vert' or 'just like the picture' T-shirt is beautifully printed with its bold black and white Lino Print design ready to wear.

'Rescue' T-shirt is based on the scripture Jonah 1v17a.

“Now the Lord provided a huge fish to swallow Jonah,”

'Overt', 'Co-vert' or 'just like the picture'

How do you wear yours?

Be 'Overt' - make your hoodie a conversation starter.

Be 'Covert' - point folks to this site.

'Just like the picture'? - EVERYONE is welcome to enjoy these fun, bold black & white designs.

Sizes available from XS to XL

XS - height, 105.00-115.00 cm

S - height, 115.00-130.00 cm

M - height, 130.00-145.00 cm

L - height, 145.00-155.00 cm

XL - height, 155.00-165.00 cm

Care instructions

Machine washable - warm, inside out, like colors

Tumble Dry on Low

Bleach - Only non-chlorine

Dry Clean - Do not dry clean

Iron - Do not iron

Meet the Maker

Notes to Treasure

Kristin V G Bailey - Artist

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