Notes to Treasure

Kristin V G Bailey - Artist

Hi, my name is Kristin…

& I’m a Mixed Media artist, living & working in Ely Cambridgeshire.

I’m an Abstract, intuitive Artist who also loves to Lino cut and print also.

Spread THE Word

These prints are inspired by a selection of bible passages &, with their bold black & white designs, have become a collection in themselves.

Printed beautifully on top quality Black or Grey T-shirts, hoodies they are a great way to 'Spread THE Word'...

'Overt', 'Co-vert' or 'just like the picture'

How do you wear yours?

- 'Overt' - make your shirt a conversation starter.

- 'Covert' - point folks to this site.'

Just like the picture'?

- EVERYONE is welcome to enjoy these fun, bold black & white designs.