For God so Loved the World- Valentines Story Sack

by Bible Story Sacks

This is a beautiful story sack to gift a precious child this Valentine's day- filled with beautiful sensory-rich materials to explore how dearly loved they are.



This Story Sack is themed around John 3:16 "For God so Loved the World that He gave His One and Only Son, that whoever Believes in Him shall not perish but have Eternal Life."

What a promise to share with a special child this Valentine's Day. This Story Sack is crammed full of beautiful sensory materials to play and explore the verse together.

This story sack contains:

1 x Large Story bag (30x44cm) to store the activities inside (from ethically fair and traded and sourced cotton production).

2 x Hand- painted Peg Dolls- Jesus figure (which can also be used in other Bible stories when playing with your child) and a Globe with 'John 3:16' painting on the back. Each doll has been hand-painted to meticulous detail with non-toxic paint and then varnished with certified Toy Safe varnish. Peg Dolls are CE tested. Peg dolls are 6.5cm tall.

1 x Bag of pink multi-tone coloured sensory rice.

1 x Playdough kit, food colouring and a recipe card to make your own playdough.

1 x Pack of 5 heart cutters.

1 x Small bag of Heart confetti.

1 x Small bag of Heart buttons.

1 x Bible scripture of John 3:16 with a chocolate coin.

1 x Instructions on how to use the Story Sack.

A scattering of fabric rose petals to add to the sensory experience.

*These products are hand-made, so we can not guarantee that the colouring of the playdough or the peg dolls will be exactly as pictured. There may be slight variations to the products.

*Wooden tray not included.

Important Information

  • To make the playdough, Vegetable Oil or Coconut Oil is required - these are not included in the product set.
  • Glycerine (not included) is also recommended for adding extra shine to the playdough, yet are not essential.


  • Supervision required - Non-edible product. The playdough is taste-safe (non-toxic) however it is NOT for tasting or consumption.
  • The playdough can keep for at least 3-months if stored for and cared for properly. Salt crystals may form on the top of the playdough - if this happens then simply knead the dough well and it will return back to lovely, squishy playdough.
  • Flour (Warning: Contains Wheat/Gluten).
  • Although the playdough has been made with Flour (Wheat/Gluten), Salt, Cream of Tartar, Food Colouring, etc, we can not guarantee that there are no traces of nuts or other allergens in the playdough.
  • Please always supervise your child whilst they are playing with these items.
  • This kit contains small parts! We suggest that these items are suitable for children ages +36 months.
  • The Sensory rice is dyed with non-toxic paint.

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