Bible Story Sacks

Story Sacks and Gifts filled with Sensory Fun for little ones!

Hello and welcome to Bible Story Sacks.

This is Hannah, the creator of Bible Story Sacks. Hannah is married to Sam and they live in Norwich with their daughter.

Hannah has been working with children for 13 years, she studied Child Care and Education and then went on to study Applied Theology. She is passionate about creating tools that parents, carers and church workers can use to bring the Bible alive to young children.

We know that sensory play is hugely important in children's development, especially in the early years, that is why Hannah is so passionate about incorporating sensory play within our faith settings. We understand that sensory play is essential to improve brain development, physical development of fine and gross motor skills, problem solving skills, cognitive growth, social interaction, alongside it being such a comforting and soothing experience for children.

Did you know that sensory play also aids in developing and enhancing memory? Which is why Bible Story Sacks are a fantastic tool to help children to grasp the Bible and the depths of God’s love for them, and for His word to stay with them for their whole lives.

Play is essential for children and Hannah is passionate about children learning about God and Bible stories through play and sensory exploration. We believe that this is also a brilliant way to introduce children to faith by using sensory activities alongside bible stories and songs.

Hannah had the idea to create these story bags for parents to explore with their children in a practical and easy way. Each sensory sack is filled with exciting sensory materials to allow children to engage with the Bible Story.

These story sacks can be a great tool for parents and caregivers of older children with additional needs that would benefit from sensory engagement. 

We hope you enjoy exploring our store and look forward to hearing from you soon.