Make It: Job 23:10 U R Gold Brownies {Christian Valentine's Day Party Series}

Job 23:10 Christian Party Favors

Best Ever U R Gold Brownies Inspired by Job 23:10

When is a brownie the best ever brownie? When it's inspired by a Bible verse and covered in the world's sassiest sprinkles! 

These sprinkle brownies are not only beautiful to look at, but they are also incredibly yummy. Pair them with our free printable of Job 23:10 and pop them in a cardboard box to create a delicious and affirming treat for a friend this Valentine's Day!

They'd also be a perfect project for Random Acts of Kindness Day on February 17th. 

How to make sprinkle brownies

What you'll need to make these sassy sprinkle brownies

  1. Two batches of this brownie recipe (to make two sets of letters). These brownies are next level delectable, so you're going to want to take a couple of hours and make these. Trust me. If you wanted to make these en masse for friends and church family, you could make them out of biscuit. Brownies are for besties (or really dedicated gifters).
  2. Some colourful sprinkles. I used these from The Happy Mail.
  3. U R GOLD cookie cutters (find them on eBay here)
  4. Our printable download of Job 23:10
  5. Some colourful backing card (optional)
  6. Cardboard food boxes (optional)
You are gold Job 23:10 Free printable

When church potluck recipes leave you wanting more

There's nothing quite as quintessentially Christian as a bring-and-share meal. Except, perhaps, a bring-and-share meal consisting only of quiche. 

So whether you're having a Valentine's Day party with your church family or small group, or you're looking for ways to bless your friends with practical displays of love, this brownie DIY is going to help you level up your bring-and-share skills. Mainly by adding sprinkles. 

When I was brainstorming some Biblical compliments for our Valentine's Day blog series, I immediately thought of one of my favourite verses: 

"But he knows the way that I take; when he has tested me, I will come forth as gold."

It's from Job 23:10, and I thought it would look great with a 21st century twist -- abbreviated a la 1997 Nokia life, when your text messages needed to be 160 characters or fewer or it would cost you £££. All of that, and then made into brownies!

Grab your apron and let's get bakin'.

Job 23:10 encouragement card

Best ever brownies. Best ever. BEST. EVER.

These are the best. ever. brownies. They are SO good. Just pop over to the BBC Good Food website and follow the recipe to make them. The only thing we're doing here is adding sprinkles! 

I added my sprinkles before I put them in the oven -- they hadn't had any baking time, and I was slightly concerned that they might sink in to the batter and/or dissolve. However, as you can see, they held up pretty well!

I didn't want to put them on top of the brownies after baking as I wanted them to be stuck into the batter. Although they are still bright and colourful, there was definitely some dissolving going on in the oven.

Next time I make them, I think I'll let the brownies bake for 10-15 minutes and then add the sprinkles before baking for another 10-15 minutes, just so they're not in the oven quite as long. If you have any baking wisdom with regards to sprinkles, please let me know!

Once they've baked, you need to let them cool completely in the tin. Resist the urge to nibble, as you'll need as much surface area as possible to cut out your letters.

Best ever brownies

Cutting out your brownie letters

You won't be able to cut out your letters in straight lines unless you've got smaller-than-average cookie cutters, so before you start cutting out the brownies, you'll want to lay out your alphabet cookie cutters on top of the brownie slabs to make sure you get six letters out of each tray.

When it comes to pressing down on your cookie cutters, take it slowly so that you keep the brownie's crust as intact as possible. For letters with a hole in the middle (technical term) like D and O, and to a degree, G because of the detail, you'll need to be extra careful as the sides of the letters will be delicate.

You'll end up with lots of leftover brownie bits, so if you live in a shared house, your family or housemates will be able to enjoy some leftovers. Maybe don't tell them they didn't make the cut for the final letter brownies though.

Creating the Job 23:10 gift cards

Each of our A4 printable sheets has 8 sets of Job 23:10 on them. You can print them out on regular white printer paper, and then cut them out. If you want to make them a little bit fancier, attach them to a slightly larger piece of colourful card using a Pritt Stick or some glue dots.

Job 23:10 Sprinkle Brownies

I don't have any progress shots of these in action, but in the future when we have a content team, maybe we'll be able to get a bit more behind-the-scenes footage!

If you like this DIY tutorial, why not send it to a friend as a subtle hint for a V-Day activity?

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