Make It: Biblical Compliment Biscuits {Christian Valentine's Day Party Series}

Christian Valentine's Day Ideas with compliment colourful biscuits | Cheerfully Given

These Biblical compliment biscuits make great snacks for Messy Church or fun Christian party favours!

Make a batch of these Bible compliment biscuits for after church on Sunday, or pop them into individual glassine bags and hand them out on Valentine's Day to spread a little joy!

This is a really easy DIY even if you're not confident in the kitchen, and the fondant biscuit toppers don't need any technical skill as long as you're a dab hand with a rolling pin.

How to make fondant toppers for biscuits

What will you need?

You'll also need:

A selection of compliments (keep them under 24 characters including spaces). We used:

- Jesus loves u

- Your hair is like goats

- Is this pew taken?

- You float my ark

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Creating your complimentary masterpieces

Making the biscuit base

You'll need to make your biscuits first -- be careful not to overwork the dough, and make sure you roll them out so they're thin. Mine ended up being way too thick! Make and bake them according to the instructions, and then leave them to cool.

Making the fondant biscuit toppers

While your biscuits are cooling, you can make your fondant biscuit toppers. Choose a cookie cutter shape that's a little bit smaller than your finished biscuits and will look good on top of them. 

Roll out the fondant so it's about the thickness of a £1 coin, making sure you use plenty of icing sugar to stop it from sticking to the surface underneath. 

Cut out your fondant shapes, and use a palette knife to make sure they're not stuck to your chopping board or kitchen counter.

Adding your Biblical compliments

Once you've got your fondant shapes, you're going to want to add your compliments. This set of alphabet letters is really easy to use -- you'll need to put the letters together backwards so they stamp onto the fondant the right way round.

When it comes to adding the wording to the fondant, use consistent pressure to make sure your words are stamped evenly. Don't press too hard, or you'll make alphabet-shaped holes in your toppers!

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Adding your fondant toppers to your biscuit bases

Once your biscuits are cooled and your fondant toppers have Biblical compliments on them, it's time to put them together.

You can heat up your spoonful of jam in the microwave until the consistency is runny to create an edible "glue" to attach your pieces together.

The easiest way to do this is by brushing some of the warm jam onto the biscuit base, and then transferring your fondant topper carefully onto the biscuit using a palette knife.

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Finishing touches to make your colourful biscuits pop

Now that your fondant toppers are on your biscuits, you may have some residual icing sugar hanging around (as you can see on my biscuits!) which is really annoying.

You can use a little paintbrush to brush a little bit of water or gin over your fondant to get rid of this and make your colours nice and vibrant again. (The alcohol will evaporate.)

Ta-dah! You've got a batch of totally extra biscuits that will bring a smile to any Christian with a sense of humour. They're kinda niche jokes (philosophical segway: is there a degree to which all jokes are niche?) but you could come up with some other compliments and use them as teacher gifts or for your wider friendship group.

Which compliments would you put on a batch of biscuits?

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You float my ark valentines biscuit