Meet the Makers: Meriel Puttick at Knotted Handkerchief

An invitation to meet our sellers...

We have an amazing community of creatives and artists here at Cheerfully Given who love Jesus and are passionate about sharing Him through unique and excellent designs.

So we decided to take the time to introduce them and show off their inspiring products!

Today, meet Meriel Puttick and her arty Knotted Handkerchief (it will make sense as you read on!). Discover her passion for using pretty designs and things to keep drawing herself back to Jesus - and how that has launched a business to enable others to do the same.

We can't wait to speak to you about Knotted Handkerchief, Meriel, and hear the why of the business!

Tell us more about who you are, and what creativity looks like for you on a day-to-day basis.

Like many Cheerfully Given Sellers, much of my creative activity these days has something to do with my kids. Once they are in bed and all their toys are away, I can get on with my projects. Consistently that has been graphite, coloured pencil, or pastel portrait commissions.

I have also kept up with my digital practice designing bits for church and recently branched them out into book covers.

I'm getting the vibe that art is something that's been integral to you and your professional journey for quite a while?

Art was always what I was going to do, and being a Christian gave this a purpose. However, I had been at odds with my faith and creating art; It took me a while to reconcile the two.

At University, it was all Fine Art during the week and Jesus at Church. And then at Oak Hill, studying theology, it was all Jesus and hardly any art because I was reading all the time! Or that's how it felt.

I am now married to a pastor and at home with three small boys.

I started to feel starved of creative input/output in the busyness. These frustrations inspired me to produce artwork that told me gospel truths that I needed to hear.

What have you learned about the Living God since starting your business? How has He made Himself known to you in the journey of being a business owner?

I have had to check my heart attitude throughout this process and ask myself, 'why am I doing this.

The Lord has taught me the value of the human industry, tried and failed, idolised money and comfort, and how to use my gifts for His glory, not for my own.

Ouch... So how does that look on a practical level? How does creativity play itself out in your life?

When I'm making a poster, I use the CCEF 3 trees model of counselling to figure out the root of the sin and find Scripture that speaks truth straight to it. I then try to illustrate this as simply and clearly as possible.

I want to do work that interrupts our thinking. I would love it to help us grow better habits of thankfulness, contentment, and joy every day.

I usually start with something I am struggling with and try to make something that would help me, hoping it might help someone else.

How do you get the ideas onto paper? Is there a favourite medium you use or a special space?

I have loved using Procreate to draw and make poster-style artwork using halftone textures. But sometimes I have to make something in real life, so I'll get out my watercolours and craft knife and make a collage pug or a linocut of a pretty door!

I love the little details that communicate big ideas.

Let's finish on a tough question! How is the life of Jesus reflected in the creative process for you?

I think I'm still figuring this out!

Right now, I need, so I guess others might need these too: quick, pithy reminders of my LORD's boundless undeserved kindness to His church and me.

That seems the ideal note to end on, Meriel! We love your desire to provide pretty, but useful, aid to us as we 'fight the good fight'.

You can find Meriel's shop here:

Knotted Handkerchief Cheerfully Given Shop Front

Or find her on social media:

Facebook: Knotted Handkerchief FB

Thank you for reading - pop back next week for more Meet the Makers!