Meet the Makers: Laura Jeffers from Stay Lit Apparel

An invitation to meet our sellers...

We have an amazing community of creatives and artists here at Cheerfully Given who love Jesus and are passionate about sharing Him through unique and excellent designs.

So we decided to take the time to introduce them and show off their inspiring products!

Today we're delving into Laura Jane's world of Christian fashion and design over at Stay Lit Apparel, and also her deep desire to see people unashamedly sharing Jesus and the Hope He brings.

We are thrilled to be sitting down with you today, Laura, and hearing more about your love for good fashion design and sharing Jesus!

Let's start at the beginning... Tell us more about who you are, and what made you start your business?

I'm Laura Jane, a fashion designer constantly inspired to create by nature, other people's testimonies, God and popular events.

I started Stay Lit Apparel because I realised there was no Christian clothing brand in the UK with a wide selection of modern apparel. After designing something for a friend, I could do so much more.

Nothing without Jesus zip Christian hoodie @ Cheerfully Given
Honey Christian Mug | Stay Lit Apparel @ Cheerfully Given

Love it (and a good hoodie!). What have you learned about the Living God since starting your business? How has He made Himself known to you in the journey of being a business owner?

That even in adversity, I can trust Him.

He is still God!

God has shown me that His will could not be stopped in my life and business, regardless of a pandemic that was a huge curveball.

Amen, amen! Let's dive into the creative aspects of your work...what medium do you work in, what your favourite parts are, all that stuff!

I design everything from my laptop at home and print it with my supplier, a UK-based company.

Most of what I do includes graphic design, research, typography styles, and finding new quotes to be inspired by, and interacting with people on social media.

Choosing the designs to stock always puts a smile on my face. I get so excited by the design process, as it's so freeing.

Obviously a love for Jesus is driving everything so how is the life of Jesus reflected in what you do?

The fact that Jesus created me makes me want to create things that reflect Him in all ways.

Every time I design my purpose, it reminds me to give God glory and give this back to Him in all things I create.

Ok, this question is one of my favourites: What is your favourite item currently in your shop and why?

My Pray Big T-shirt. It's been a bestseller, and it's also so relatable.

It reminds me not to only ask God for the little things but to trust He can do exceedingly and abundantly more than I can ever ask for or think.

We love stories here at CG. Do you have any to share from people receiving your work and what it has meant to them?

One couple who lives in the Middle East asked for a custom design that would allow them to wear their faith but not be offensive.

The results were amazing, and the clients were so happy. It's great the work they are doing out there, and I am glad I could be part of their ministry.

That's amazing!!! As we wrap this up, one final question for you: What’s your vision for the next 5-10 years?

To empower Christians to wear more Jesus.

To stop the stigma of people being so afraid to share their faith and to show the world that Jesus is still alive and the source of life!

Wow, what a note to end on, Laura! We love your passion and desire to see others determined to share the hope we have in Jesus.

You can find Laura's shop here:

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Thank you for reading - pop back next week for more Meet the Makers!