Meet the Makers: Beth Cutting from LoveBettyAnn

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Meet the Makers: Beth Cutting from LoveBettyAnn

The lovely Beth Cutting is the maker behind LoveBettyAnn. Originally from Northamptonshire, she’s now based in the beautiful city of Sheffield with her husband and son. Beth is a wonderfully gifted encourager and cheerleader in the Cheerfully Given community! She has a real heart for building up those around her.

You can find her on Facebook and Instagram at @lovebettyann.

Hey Beth! Thanks for joining us today. How did you get started with LoveBettyAnn?

I’ve always loved stationery as well as having a keen interest in design and a passion for all things creative – so I thought, I can do this. My designs are nostalgic of carefree adventures in Cornwall, and tell the simple story of natural beauty – of living wild and free in the One who called and rescued us and promises us fullness of life. 

Are you full-time with LoveBettyAnn? Tell us a bit more about your work background.

I studied Law at university, and then did a masters in Human Resources Management. Now I’m an HR Business Partner within the wider NHS. Everyday can look very different. I have a national role so travel quite a bit – but I love meeting new people and making an impact for good in people’s lives.

I would love to be full-time with LoveBettyAnn and have that as my sole job. I have huge dreams to rival Katie Leamon! My passion is to provide unique cards and lovely gifts for every occasion through my creative stationery business.

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Amazing! What’s been the biggest challenge for you so far? Do you have any top tips for mums who are thinking about starting their own business?

My biggest challenge so far has probably been having a baby and juggling life, creativity, a professional HR career, running a home and community. I love it though!

For mums looking to start their own business - make sure you give yourself time for you! When you're looked after, you look after your little one better -- you can't get everything done and you can't be perfect.

Tell us a bit more about your walk with Jesus. How did you become a Christian? What’s your favourite Bible verse?

I was brought up in a Christian home, but around my teens decided Jesus really was for me and have my own faith in Him. Since then I’ve never looked back and love to live life with Him!

I love Zephaniah 3:17: He will rejoice over you with singing! God’s voice... Wow! To hear that one day will be incredible.

You are heavily involved in your local church and community with different ministries – tell us a bit more about that.

I co-lead a young adult discipleship gap year with my husband. It's a mixture of training leaders to lead, and equipping them for their specific area of work in the Kingdom. It focuses on their own skill set and gives them an opportunity to work as an intern in a specific ministry area for the year.

Alongside this, I lead a young adult missional community. This is a group of 38 young adults on fire for Jesus and wanting to see change in our city (Sheffield). I also support my husband in leading the wider Young Adult work at our Church, which covers around 80 young adults. 

Outside of the Young Adult work, I sing in the worship team!

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What would your perfect day look like?

Cornwall is my favourite place to visit, so it would definitely have to involve the beach and sea, followed by a BBQ on the beach with the ones I love. Got to throw a few games in there too!

And a little fun one – what’s your favourite food?

It’s got to be tapas-style, meze food! Anything sociable!

How would your friends describe you?

Loving, courageous, and determined.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? Any hobbies that aren’t creatively-focused?

I play netball for a local team – absolutely love it. The team vibe, the competition, the excitement! 

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What do you take inspiration from? Can you describe your designing/working process, what materials do you use?

Inspiration: The sea and coast, creation, colour, people, faces, flowers!

I use a mixture of photography, watercolour and other paints to create my backdrops for cards, then calligraphy or type depending on the design itself. 

What do you find most difficult about running your own business?

Currently, the time I have available is really limited with a toddler and all the additional things I’m involved in at church. I would love to do more, and in future this may well be a possibility!

And finally, what are some of your favourite business resources for running a creative business?

A decent camera – I have a Canon Digital SLR, and Adobe Photoshop is a must!

Thanks so much for joining us today, Beth -- we're excited to have you as our Maker of the Week this week. 

You can find Beth's Cheerfully Given shop here. If you'd like to ask Beth any questions, you can find her on social media, or keep an eye out on our Facebook page for a Live interview coming soon!