Meet the Makers: Patrick and Maya Laurent of Quiet Boy Studio

Quiet Boy Studio Patrick And Maya Laurent

Meet the Makers: Patrick and Maya Laurent of Quiet Boy Studio

Patrick and Maya Laurent are the dream team behind Quiet Boy Studio, and are two of the loveliest people you could ever meet. They are warm, kind, and open, and have stepped out in faith in an incredible way.

Originally from the USA, Patrick, Maya, and their three children moved to London in 2016 after God called their family to serve as missionaries here in our capital city.

They're directing and growing a creative community, discipling and mentoring young adults, and reaching out to those around them alongside running Quiet Boy Studio and Be Wildly Beautiful.

Patrick is the artist behind Quiet Boy Studio, and Maya manages the business while also running her make-up business, Be Wildly Beautiful.

We interviewed them recently, and hope you enjoy reading more about their business and ministry (while also appreciating some of Patrick’s wonderful art!).

Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders

Tell us a bit more about yourselves. How did you become Christians?

We’re Patrick and Maya, and we moved to London from the USA after God called our family to be missionaries here.

Both of us had individuals in our teen years who invested in us, introducing us to a relationship with Jesus.

P: I studied Fine Art with a focus on Design at college, and Maya studied Journalism with a focus on Advertising/Public Relations.

Quite Boy Studio consists of illustrated Bible verses, Christian songs, and other inspirational quotes. We want it to draw people closer to Him, so everything we do is intended to inspire people to step bravely into the life He has for them.

He's not safe but he's good

What made you decide to start your own business? What’s been the biggest challenge for you so far?

We got started after having our first son and wanting some more freedom in our schedule. It was also a nudge from God that we felt it was time to start a business.

Moving our family overseas has been the biggest challenge we’ve faced recently. For our business, it has been figuring out how to balance family, serving in church and the hard work of running your own business.

We love hearing what people’s favourite foods are…

P: I love New York style pizza!

M: And I love anything with dark chocolate.

And what if you had to live on one liquid for the rest of your life?

Ha! Both of us would probably say tea. 

Psalm 23 The Lord is My Shepherd

What would your perfect day look like?

We would get up early, work out, pray together and have some time with God. Have a long, slow breakfast with our kids and then enjoy the day with friends or our kids exploring the city. It would for sure involve the sun and picnic too!

How would your friends describe you?

Our friends would describe us as the couple who always has an open house for others to come and hang out.

Maya, as Patrick is working in the church, you run two businesses from home – do you have any top tips for mums who are running a business at home?

For me, I would say realizing that you aren’t always going to get it all done! Make realistic goals for your day and be okay that many times those will not even be touched! Find a time you can get some concentrated work done, which may mean an early morning/late night.

Quiet Boy Studio Son of a King

What are some of your favourite things to do in your spare time?

We love exploring as a family whether it’s a museum or area of the city, to hiking in mountains or beaches. We are a bit of foodies so love finding new places to eat and we love cooking together too. We still have lots of exploring to do around the UK, but our most recent favourite trip was a visit to north Wales.

And finally, what are some of your favourite business resources for running a creative business?

We listen to a lot of podcasts. Creative Pep Talk is a great one for inspiration and ideas.

Thank you so much for joining us today, Patrick and Maya!

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our latest “Meet the Makers” interview. We’re excited to be bringing these to you LIVE on Facebook soon, too, including a more in-depth interview with Patrick and Maya.

When you buy a print from Quiet Boy Studio, you are directly supporting Patrick and Maya’s missionary work as they plant an international church in London (alongside the Church of England). You can read more about their missionary work on their website:

Patrick’s style has been carefully practiced and crafted over a long career in the fine arts, and his work is adored at every exhibit we attend. If you’re looking for a gift for someone (especially if you’re searching for gifts for him), you can guarantee that a Quiet Boy Studio print will be met with joy and appreciation.