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Identity: An Interview with Content Creator & Life Coach Breeny Lee

One Summit delegate said: “I will admit to always shying away from social media ‘influencers’, mainly because I find most I’ve encountered a bit superficial and ‘posey’... I’m so glad I didn’t let that perception put me off watching this interview. There is so much more depth to Breeny than that and I enjoyed every minute of her interview.”

To introduce Breeny Lee: she’s a social media personality with a combined following of over 500,000 people with over 15 million views on YouTube. Her work is based around creative and visual content with a message of female empowerment and inspiration. But what really makes Breeny stand out is her message of transformation from the inside out.

So grab a drink and hear Breeny’s heart on Identity.

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So I’m an influencer. I think that's the general term for what I do. I create content about beauty, fashion and image, and I also dive into more soul kind of work. A lot of my followers look up to me as a kind of a big sister that they never had.

I actually studied fashion design in university, and when social media came along, I wanted to find a way to express myself, just kind of wholehearted me. I started off on Instagram and then eventually I moved to YouTube; I felt like it was more real, you could see more of my personality.

When I first started, I felt like nobody wanted to hear my voice. I actually hated my voice a lot before I started talking, but my sister was like, 'Share your story.' So I did one video on celibacy. That got a quarter of a million views and it started going from there, just basically sharing my life story, helping women to avoid some of the mistakes that I've made.

On my Instagram profile, I picked my theme verse as Romans 1:16, because I have no power within myself and I couldn't transform myself by myself, contrary to popular belief. It's only when I gave my life to Christ, when I heard the gospel, when I received Jesus, is when I was actually transformed. And then my mindset started to shift, my beliefs started to shift.

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In the world, we kind of find our identity in so many different things. At our core, who we are is children of God and as born again believers, we are now new creations in Christ, we now reflect him. Our identity needs to be rooted in something that is not changing. We're able to walk differently. We're able to talk differently, there's a different level of confidence that we now have.

I feel like once you know who you are, you don't change just based on whatever you're doing, whatever job you're in, you kind of stay the same person.  There shouldn't be this kind of, Oh, this is for God. And then this is for the world. No, it's all for God.

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If you want to find Breeny Lee, she’s on Instagram @breenylee and her YouTube channel, as well as Twitter.

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