Under the Sea, Kids 40 Day Good Deed Challenge for Lent (Easter Gift)

by Alimoo Designs


This is a great challenge for children to try and complete over the 40 days of lent. 40 simple acts of kindness and good deeds.

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Product description

So kids, Lent is the 40 days leading up to Easter when we remember Jesus’ time in the desert and the challenges he faced when he was there. Because Jesus didn’t eat for 40 days, we like to remember this story by giving up something ourselves during Lent. Have you ever given something up for Lent? This could include sweets or your favourite video game? This year, why don’t YOU go a step further and not only give something UP but create something special for someone else? We challenge you to take up the Under the sea, 40 day good deed challenge by carrying out simple acts of giving and kindness throughout the 40 days leading up to Easter. Each time you complete a task you will receive a sticker of treasure or a fish. Try and fill the chest up with as much treasure as you can. The more acts of kindness you do, the more treasure you will receive.

The pack comes with an A3 folded challenge card, that can stand up like a card on your fireplace/shelf, or simply stick it to your fridge or child's bedroom wall, complete with 70 treasure and fishy friend stickers to choose from.

Some of the challenges ask you send a card to someone you care about, we have supplied one for you, it might be nice to make the others.

Have fun!

Meet the Maker

Alimoo Designs

Art prints, Giclée Large Format Art Prints, cards and postcards, using vibrant fun colours and inspiring scriptures that we hope lift and encourage you, designed by Becky Dibb.

Welcome to Alimoo Designs. My name is Becky, and it's an honour to showcase my work on the Cheerfully Given website. I live in Cornwall with my husband, two children and a variety of pets. Living in Cornwall is a true blessing with it’s beautiful rustic coastline and woodland rambles that are right on my doorstep, where each day I am inspired by the awesome power of God’s creation. After working in the print and design industry for almost 25 years, I felt it was time to step out and use my skills to share my love for Jesus, by using lovingly selected scriptures, that I hope will direct people to Christ and encourage others to share God’s amazing word.

Alimoo designs are recognizable by their simple bold illustrations and strikingly bright colours, that jump out of a crisp white background (with the exception of some beautiful black and white typography pieces). Strong, bold, and fun prints will brighten up any room and also make for the perfect gift. 

Thank you for visiting my page and hope you love your purchases.

God bless

Becky xx

Headshot of Becky Dibb of Alimoo Designs for Cheerfully Given

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