The Paths of Life

This shop features modern and minimalist Christian prints and cards inspired by scripture.

Hi there, I'm Naomi, a Scottish Christian and the creator behind The Paths of Life

Like so many other people I opened this wee business during the first Coronavirus lockdown and have been loving it ever since. It has been a joy to make the designs and spend time studying the various themes

The name for the shop came from a scavenger hunt I had in an inherited library my Grandpa kept in his workshop. I am a lover of all things old, especially old books, and discovered this wee blue book by an anonymous author called 'The Paths of Life'. The book is a transcription of some ministry the author C.A.R. had given on Proverbs and Song of Solomon, based on the paths of life. I absolutely love the book and to me it really was a hidden treasure, it felt natural to name my shop off of something that had been such an encouragement.

Encouragement and blessing has truly been the result of starting this business, from getting to know Christians throughout the country and world to making things from scripture that are in people's homes; it is my sincere hope that the scripture in my prints are an encouragement and blessing to others too.

Many thanks, Naomi