The Paths of Life

Modern-minimalist Christian art prints inspired by scripture.

Hi there, thanks for taking the time to read this description! 

This is a wee shop devoted to art prints inspired by scripture.

These might catch your fancy if you are interested in having encouragements from the word of God dotted about the house, or talking points with people who might ask questions. (I once heard little things like this being likened to giving the horn of the Gospel 'a wee toot' 😉)

Its been an encouragement to me to be able to spend so much time working with texts from the Bible, and communicating with Christians all over the world - what an amazing fellowship and connection you are able to have with the Church of God! 

You'll also find some stuff on Etsy, under The Paths of Life and on Instagram with the same name. I am more than happy to answer any messages you might have about anything. But for now, happy browsing!!