Teeny White Daisy

Breathing new life into unwanted and discarded textiles one stitch at a time. Bringing beauty from ashes.

After a number of years working in the fields of Educational Psychology and Special Education, a series of events including a life changing illness, conspired to send me back to my first love: designing and creating. After feeling worthless and unwanted when my illness stopped me pursuing my first career, I found myself again in the art that I created from textiles that had also been discarded and deemed worthless.

I now have the wonderful privilege of spending my days surrounded by an ever growing collection of vintage and textiles in my studio near to Maastricht. Here I can be found making one of a kind textile collage pieces which incorporate vintage fabric, lace and paper together with book pages, modern fabrics and embroidery. Woven through my pieces are aspects of Gods love and character and above all his ability to bring life and hope into what was once regarded as worthless; bringing beauty in place of ashes (Isaiah 61 1:4)

My heart is that my pieces bring a sense of joy and love into your home. I want them to remind you of your value and worth and the love that God has for you.

*Please bear in mind that my products are shipped from The Netherlands for the coming few years which means that they may take a little bit longer to arrive at your home and may incur import charges*