Suzanne Field Art

Art inspired by journeying through life with Jesus! I hope each piece inspires joy, peace and freedom. Available in: Original Watercolour Art, Prints, Cards, home gifts & notebooks. Created by Suzanne Field.

Over 5 years ago I started to have recurring dreams in the night about painting again. Same dream, different classroom, I’d check my art equipment and think about what to do. But in reality, it had been over a decade since I had painted. After Praying about it and having the 14th dream(!) I started to paint with watercolour inks, faced the fear of ‘I-can’t-do-this-after-so-long’ and the passion for art being weaved with Abba, Jesus & Holy Spirit was revived in my heart.

From 2020 onwards I focused on painting those things which God highlighted to me and brought hope, joy and peace. It was the beginning of that year I started releasing my paintings out into the world and off to new homes. My desire is that each painting, print or product imparts part of Gods heart, His spirit, His love whether it’s a gift for yourself or for someone else.

Each Painting, design, product is part of his kingdom here on earth. It excites me to see them even in homes of people that are yet to believe. All my paintings are inspired by scripture even if the words are not always written on it. I also love to put my original paintings in print & on products with scriptures hopefully each encouraging us to keep looking to Jesus.

So this is me! Suzanne Field Art.