Stationery Set - Encouragement Leaf Design

by Doodle Art by Sarah Clottey


An encouraging stationery set of plain-page notebooks, postcards and stickers to encourage others and accompany prayer journaling.

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Product description

In this stationery set you will receive 3 notebooks, an A5 sticker page and a 6-pack of postcards in the Encouragement Leaf Design range. 


Each of the 48-page A5 notebooks feature an encouraging biblical message with a tropical leaf design backdrop. They are perfect for prayer journaling, taking sermon notes, sketching, or list making!

Rejoice Always - 1 Thessalonians 5:16. Light grey leaves with dark grey shadows; pastel peach spots and pink brush script calligraphy. 

Be Courageous Be Strong - Deuteronomy 31:6. Light dusky blue monstera leaves with dark blue shadows; beige spots and pink brush script calligraphy. 

Be Still and Know - Psalm 46:10. Beige leaves with peach shadows; blue spots and pink brush script calligraphy. 

For all three designs, doodles can be found within the shadows of the leaves. 

The back cover is a repeat of the leaf pattern and includes the scripture reference, brand logo and website address. 

The cover design is printed on 300gsm smooth white board, and the pages are 90gsm plain white paper. 


A set of 6 postcards which are perfect for encouraging others. There are three designs which read ‘Be Courageous Be Strong’, ‘Be Still and Know’, and ‘Rejoice Always’ in pink brush script calligraphy. Each one has a tropical leaf and spotty patterned backdrop, created in a calming pastel colour palette. 

The scripture reference is noted on the back of the postcard, as well as the shop logo and website address. 

Please note that the postcards come without envelopes. 


These encouraging leaf design stickers would make a wonderful accompaniment to prayer/Bible journaling. 

The kiss-cut stickers are on an A5 sheet with a matt finish and comprise of pink brush-script scripture quotes, tropical leaves with doodle shadows, and spots. 

They are sold individually or as part of the range which includes notebooks, postcards and prints. 

*Please note that due to using different suppliers, colour tones across the range differ.*

Meet the Maker

Doodle Art by Sarah Clottey

Detailed doodle designs embedded with scripture and relevant images, printed on cards, prints and gifts.

Hello and welcome to my shop! I’m Sarah, and I’m so glad you’ve dropped by to have a look at my designs. 

My unique portrayal of scripture through themed doodles and typography is a fun and interesting way to meditate on God’s word. In the same way that one would learn new things upon reading the same scripture multiple times, those who view my artwork will see different elements each time and gain new insights or inspiration.

Naturally, I pay great attention to detail, which is reflected in the artwork I produce. When inspired by a scripture, I often seek out other scriptures of the same theme and depict them through images and words. I also enjoy using bright and bold colours, believing that they add even more life to the Word that is packed full of life already.

My journey here began with no intention to turn my artwork into a business, until I was encouraged by friends and family that there was a demand for my designs! Shortly after getting married, my husband discovered some of my ‘doodle’ drawings and he couldn’t understand why they were hidden away in a box. He liked the style so much that he asked me to produce the branding and cover artwork for his music releases, which propelled my work into the public domain. What followed was a commission by a friend, and my doodle style entered new territory, from simple black pen on paper, to watercolour and pen, and now into the digital realm.

My unique doodles are not limited to what you see in this shop. I take great pleasure in using the aforementioned gifts and skills to create bespoke pieces which are not merely designs with a personalised element, but unique pieces in their own right. I enjoy being stretched to create work I would not naturally do if left to my own devices. I believe personalised art should speak to individuals on a deeper level, and my doodles enable this. So if you’re interested in a customised piece, please get in touch!

All of my products are stocked or printed at my home in Buckinghamshire where I live with my husband and two beautiful, young girls.

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