Shine On Studio

Colour, Pattern & Faith - stationaries and prints to inspire and encourage your faith.

God's word does not need watercolour flowers around them and pink paper to make them beautiful! His words bring life, abundant life, peace, joy and hope! I'm just using what I have in my hand, what talents or gifts He saw fit to give, to do what I've been called to do : worship Him and share His life changing word to those around me.

My name is Erika and I am a textile print designer with a passion for pattern, colour and most of all Jesus. I decided to let go of perfection and just be available.

Shine On Studio was born!

The name Shine On came from the Bible verse: "But let those who love Him be like the sun when it comes out in full strength." - Judges 5:31, it was one of my favourite Bible verses as a teenager and I would write on the edge of my Bible "SHINE ON" as a reminder that our life should point to the cross, the ultimate display of a perfect love. It became the name of a blog I had for a few years and my personal instagram handle...I guess the name stuck.

I hope my designs will encourage you or the person you are gifting them too.

Blessings, Erika

Find me on instagram @ErikaTudosa