Releasing Rainbows

Colourful art prints to encourage and spread a smile :)

Hi, my name is Sarah! I live in the north-east of England, and the beginning of this business really started in a counselling session early in 2020.

My counsellor knew that I was a musician and enjoyed art, and so one day, she suggested that I could paint something at home that week to express my thoughts and what I was processing. Art was something I had always picked up on and off through life, but it had been a long time since I had held a paint brush. On the drive home as I was processing with Jesus, I had an image pop into my head that was of a girl poking an umbrella into rainclouds, and a bright rainbow bursting out from that spot. I put paint to canvas that week, and painted that image, which I called: 'Releasing Rainbows'.

Like many, I've had many battles with my mental health, including depression and eating disorders, and have struggled with God to try and make sense of it. The rainbow picture I'd painted spoke to me of how beautiful, wonderful things can still be present and enjoyed even in the midst of dark or troubling times; the rainbows and the dark clouds are not mutually exclusive. I think that God knew I needed to hear this in that moment to keep moving forwards. Of course, it would be better if there were never any dark clouds, and that will always be my aim! And I do believe that God can ,and will, restore all things! But I had to find a way to still allow myself to find enjoyment and colour amongst the darkness when it is there, and not just let it take over.

Of course, a month later, we entered into lockdown and things really changed! I never got to return to that counsellor, but it seemed that God had unlocked something in me. Athough things go very up and down still, I've continued painting and creating music more since that time, and learning every day how important it is to be kind and good to ourselves, as well as others! My Dad would often emphasise to me how Jesus said “love your neighbour as you love yourself” (Matt 22:39), pointing out that if you do not love yourself - how well can you really love your neighbour?!

'Releasing Rainbows' became about embracing the joy and happiness that can always be present, even in dark times, as well as releasing all the colour, creativity and originality that God has beautifully crafted within each one of us! So through art and music, my hope is that I can release my own rainbows, alongside inspiring or encouraging others to recognise and release the unique rainbow that is inside of them too.

If you've got this far, well done haha! And thank you for allowing me to share a bit of my story and how I ended up here.

Sarah 🌈