A handcut papercut of a church building of your choice with names, words, dates, scripture of your choice - unframed


by Flowers Fade Design


A beautiful, handcut papercut of a church of your choice within a circle, with names, words, scripture or dates. Perfect gift for weddings or ordinations!

Ships from United Kingdom

Ready for dispatch in 3-5 Business Days

  • UK - £1.50
  • International - £5.00

Product description

A fantastic gift, unusual and highly personal, and perfect for weddings or ordinations

Approx 20cm x 20cm. Size varies depending on church and names/words, but if you are after specific dimensions please let me know.

I design the papercut based on photos of the church you want to use. Once ordered, please send photos and instructions on words to FlowersFadeDesign@gmail.com. A few photos of different angles is great, but if you would like a particular angle or please let me know. Please include the name of the church so that I can search for more images if neccessary.

I am happy to include a reasonable amount of words/names similar to what is shown but do get in touch if you want more than what is shown, as I may need to charge additionally for this.

Unframed. Comes with framing guidance and I am happy to answer any questions about framing.

Meet the Maker

Flowers Fade Design

Papercut designs inspired by the big truths about God found in scripture - by Kristina Passmore

Hello, I'm Kristina, the face behind Flowers Fade Designs.

I have been creating papercuts since 2012 when I got married. My very first papercut was for our "save the date" card and I haven't stopped creating papercuts since then! I love designing them, working out which bits of paper need to be cut out and which need to stay.

I am very interested and excited about creating products that help us to meditate on God's word more, particularly those elements of scripture that are about God himself. How big God is, how awesome, how faithful, how everlasting. It is only when we lift our eyes from ourselves to God that we start to understand ourselves and our world better.

I design papercuts from scratch, sketching out a design, or elements of a design on squared paper (to help with compositions), then drawing a final design on tracing paper. I use a clicky pencil at this stage, and you can always find a pencil on any surface in our home! Once the design is final, I then lay the tracing paper over black paper to provide a bit of protection for the paper underneath. I then handcut, using a surgical scalpel, the design out of the paper. It is amazing seeing the design gradually appear.

Once the papercut is finished, I then sell it as a finished piece and often scan the design into photoshop to print out onto cards.

If you have any questions or comments/ideas about my work, I would love to hear from you!

Head shot of Kristina Passmore of Flowers Fade Design at Cheerfully Given

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