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Always be ready to share joy with beautiful calligraphy cards, inspired by faith and kind to the world.

Hello, I’m Amy!

My aim is to help you always be ready to share joy, kindness, love and encouragement, whatever the occasion - or just because you feel like it. Joy and kindness are seriously underrated!

Everything I make is inspired by faith. Sometimes this is subtle in the final product and sometimes it's way more obvious.

It's so important to me that the pieces I create are kind to the world, so every material is sustainably sourced. That means recycled (often 100% recycled!) and recyclable materials - and plastic-free packaging.

I don't just want your purchases to be avoiding harm, but actually making a positive difference too! 10% of profits from every sale are donated to Great Lakes Outreach, which is creating visionary solutions for a brighter future in Burundi. It's an incredible organisation who are working on life-transforming initiatives that truly empower people in this beautiful African nation.

Don’t hesitate to get in contact if you’re looking for a bespoke project.