Encouraging Christian homeware, banners and prints etc produced by Amanda | Art inspired by God and shared with the hope of spreading some joy

Hello, I'm Amanda!

ObediART* started with a prayer back in April 2020 (#becarefulwhatyouwishfor) and ever since then I have been making art.

It started with digital art and then quickly I discovered a love for oil paints – I just love the texture it provides a piece and I love art that has tangible elements. Since delving into the art world, I have started working with air-dry clay and even print making. I believe it is important to not limit creativity and to use whatever art form best suits the message you are trying to share at any given moment.

I hope my pieces spark some hope and joy for you or the recipients and I hope it also encourages people to share the light that lives within them with those within their sphere of influence.

Thank you for stopping by 😊

Recent Exhibition:

ETERNITY exhibition by The Holy Art Gallery 2022