New Mercies Orange Dove Card (single or pack of 3)

by Rudge and Garnett

A thoughtful card to bring encouragement that God renews our strength each and every day.

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- This card is approx. 4x6" Folded (size may vary slightly due to cutting)

- Watercolour Illustration printed on 280gsm Luxurious White Brampton Felt Marked Card (a 'hammered' texture).

- Comes with a Brown Kraft Envelope.

- Packaged in Compostable Cellophane Bag.

Please note: Colours may vary from what you see on your screen.

The story behind this Design:

‘Orange Dove Lullaby’ ©

In Oct 2019 whilst at the piano God gave me a picture of a bright white dove flying across a dark night sky. The night ended as the sun began to rise, and as it rose its rays hit the dove and transformed its white feathers into bright fiery orange ones. The white dove was a weary soul, tired from the burdens of the day. As it flew in the darkness it began to regain strength from the peace found in the stillness of the night. When the new day came, the dove (now shining orange) was restored with new strength and courage to fly for another day. What a beautiful picture of how God renews our strength each day!

Here are the lyrics:

There's a dove bright white across the night sky.

It carries hope, carries peace into the night.

And it's bright white turns to fire with the sun rise on its wings

Fiery feathers shine bright: a new day's born.

Oh my child, new mercies come with the dawn.

My child, strength will rise with the sun.

You may feel weak now, may feel tired, feel like all your strength is gone, but I'll give you strength to fly my orange dove.

You will fly once again with new courage.

You will fly once again with new strength.

From the peace of the night and with the brand new morning light,

You will soar once again, my orange dove.

Yes, you will soar once again, my orange dove.

‘Rudge and Garnett’ is a small business with a big heart for seeing hope and joy spread like wildflowers. We want to spread hope and joy, not just in the art we create, but also in a practical way through the sales they generate: 10% of this sale goes towards supporting the valuable work Black Country Women's Aid. These funds will go towards their emergency crisis fund, which will pay for things such as getting a taxi to refuge, a bus fare for a young person to meet for counselling and buying a kettle for somebody moving out of refuge. Such small things can contribute to making a big difference!

Meet the Maker

Rudge and Garnett

A Heart for seeing Hope and Joy spread like Wildflowers. Cards, Prints and Giftware by Naomi Evans.

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