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Maydor Makes

Hand-crafted Bible story resources for children and their families

Creativity has always been my passion alongside working with children. I have always crafted as an escape from my health symptoms and to relax and spent many hours making items for my community children’s groups - a range of very creative sessions for children and their families, with highly detailed and themed messy play, creative storytelling, huge role play and more – so we decided to try and make a business out of it as my husband is very practical in his skills too.

God has been so faithful. I launched a range of Bible story resources as I am passionate about teaching the next generation the Bible in an interactive, creative and relatable way for children to learn the value of what the Bible teaches. Thank you so much for visiting our little shop, grounded and planted in our faith.

Each set is made with attention to detail and much love. They are made to safety standards and are finished in toy safe varnish, coming in a themed handmade bag.