Maydor Makes

Bible story resources for children

Our small UK Business was born out of the first UK lockdown when my husband lost his job. I was training to be an Early Years teacher 17 years ago when I was newly married when suddenly I became very unwell and I had to leave University and lay down my dream. Well its definitely been a journey since then with my health, a daily battle for sure. In the midst of it 9 years ago with the help of my lovely family I set up weekly not for profit children’s community groups for the under 5s bringing a range of very creative sessions for children and their families. We used to run highly detailed and themed messy play sessions, creative story telling sessions, huge role play sessions and more. So creativity has always been my passion and working with children. My groups were a huge labour of love and cost my health a great deal and then sadly after we had received funding for a new session covid hit and we had to close, then during the pandemic we lost one of our Christian directors and friend of the groups very suddenly overnight so its been a tough ride and so we have taken some time out to regroup but hope to restart one day. I have always crafted as an escape from my symptoms and to relax and spent many many hours making items for my community children’s groups so we decided to try and make a business out of it as my husband is very practical in his skills too so he makes large items for children. Its been a huge walk of faith financially but we are passionate about growing Maydor Makes . God has been so faithful. I launched a range of bible story resources as I am passionate abut teaching the next generation the bible in an interactive and hands on way, so thank you so much for visiting our little shop grounded and planted in our faith and thank you in advance for purchasing any products. To a small business it really does make all the difference and is a huge blessing. Its nice to do something we love and for me to use my passions for working with children to help share Jesus and train children up in the things of God with my resources. We are pleased to bring you our handmade range of Bible story resources for children. We are always adding new stories so please keep looking. We believe in the importance of bringing the bible to life in an interactive, creative and relatable way for children to earn the value of what the bible teaches. These are becoming more popular in churches for children’s ministry sessions and Sunday school sessions and in schools and homes and as gifts. They are made with attention to detail and much love. They are made to safety standards and are finished in toy safe varnish. They also come in a themed handmade bag.