Loved letterpress bookmark - Jeremiah 31:3

by The Mustard Seed Press


A beautiful reassuring letterpress bookmark featuring the amazing truth of Jeremiah 31:3.

Product description

"I have loved you with an everlasting love" - Jeremiah 31:3

A beautiful letterpress printed bookmark to remind yourself or a friend of this awe inspiring verse.

This bookmark features hand lettering of Jeremiah 31:3 which is then letterpress printed on a 1910 printing press by hand to create a beautiful deboss and finished with a red satin ribbon to help keep your place.

This bookmark is printed on 360gsm blush pink card stock.


5cm x 14cm


Each of these bookmarks is printed by hand and so there will be some slight variation in colour due to the handmade nature of the product.

Meet the Maker

The Mustard Seed Press

Through the Mustard Seed Press, I aim to aid the church in encouraging one another. Using cards to send someone a bible verse to uplift them and point them to Jesus in hardship and rejoice with them and for them in the blessings.

But why Mustard Seed Press? In Luke 17.6, the Lord Jesus addresses his disciples who were concerned at their lack of faith. He does this with reference to the tiniest of seeds, the Mustard Seed. As well as Jesus challenging his disciples, Jesus also encourages them by talking of the power of the tiny Mustard Seed. I, like most believers, am often concerned at my lack of faith. With these cards, I hope in some small way that like-minded believers may be able to encourage one another through Holy Scripture, however small their own faith might appear.

The cards are all designed by hand before being scanned into the computer to make them digital. I then lovingly hand-print every single one of them using traditional letterpress printing techniques on my 1908 printing press named Gertie. This letterpress printing technique creates a deboss which gives the cards an extra dimension meaning you can feel the words as well as seeing them.

All for the glory of God,


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