Living and Powerful

Mark and Nina are a creative couple that love to bring moments of joy, connection and encouragement to people's lives through their art and story telling.

Living and Powerful is on holiday

We’ll be back on the 28th March 2023 so will respond to messages and requests on our return. Thank you for your patience.

‘.. the word of the Lord is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword..’ Heb 4:12 (nkjv)

‘Living and Powerful’ is a brand that aims to equip you with stunning resources that arm you with God’s written word.

We bring you beautiful themed gift boxes of Illustrated Bible Cards to help inspire, challenge, strengthen and encourage you.

Through them you will see how He sees and loves you and be drawn deeper into His embrace. After all, the real power of God’s word is in making us one again.