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Christmas 2021 Update

The shop will be restocked regularly and so if the item you are hoping for is currently out of stock, please check back in a few days - thank you!

Hello! Thank you so much for visiting my shop. I'm Ruth, and everything you see here has been hand stitched by me. I inherited a love for sewing from both my grandmothers, developing a love for Liberty fabrics at an early age when raiding my Nana's fabric collection and spending many happy afternoons with my Grandma knitting scarfs for my teddies. These days I can mostly be found chasing our two children at home, doing the nursery run or attending groups at our church in Putney, but I fit in some stitching whenever I can. It's a real joy to share my creations with you here!

Little Dove & Co is named after my first baby, Jemima (Jemima means little dove in Hebrew) who was stillborn at term in 2016. I first began to use my sewing machine for embroidery when I found myself trying to find purpose in a maternity leave without a baby in my arms. Sewing scripture quietened my grief and allowed me to focus on the truth of the words I was sewing, which then became visual reminders as I hung each finished piece up. Wonderfully, my days have since become much busier, with two siblings for Jemima filling my time, but I still treasure the moments of quiet I get to meditate on God's word with my sewing machine. My prayer is that each piece I make will be a little reminder in your home to lift your hearts to Jesus too.

Every item in my shop is handmade so your piece will be unique! I love to take commissions and you can email me on if you have an idea that I can create for you. At least 10% of all proceeds go to charity; I'm currently supporting the wonderful work of Tommys the Baby Charity.

Thank you for visiting Little Dove Designs, it's lovely to have you!

Photo credit: Kimberley Johnston