Kingdom Crafting

Meaningful jewellery handcrafted with love; to encourage & inspire.

My aim is to create jewellery with meaning. I believe that a carefully crafted, beautifully designed piece of jewellery which is made with high quality, ethically sourced materials is the perfect way to mark and remember that which is precious in life.

My own journey is what inspired this personal attitude towards jewellery - my first experience with jewellery making was an extremely personal one, after Jacob proposed to me with a silver ring he had cast, we made the decision to use the equipment and skills he’d learnt during that challenging process to make our own wedding rings. Shaping and polishing our rings was magical; the focus and determination I had to pour into the process matched with the excitement of seeing them come to life was a glimmer of what the rings themselves represent.

Whether it be an engagement ring, a wedding ring, a birthday necklace, or a Courage ring - every piece I design and make is infused with meaning and sentiment.