Kate Hanks Art

Hand drawn pen and ink illustrations and calligraphy to encourage believers

Kate Hanks Art is on holiday

Hi there, I have just had a baby so will be off for a little bit! Please feel free to email me katehanksart@hotmail.com for any urgent enquiries!


I'm Kate, I started to sell prints and cards of my work mid-2018, so Kate Hanks Art is very new and in its early stages. 

Growing up I loved going on sketching trips with my Dad. But it was only during A Level art that I discovered my enjoyment of creating simple pen and ink pieces, be it artwork or calligraphy. 

I was brought up in a Christ centred home where we were encouraged to dig deep into His Word. I hope the verses I calligraphy will inspire you to dig deeper into the Bible and will strengthen you in Christ.

Enjoy browsing, 

Kate x