Joy Vinyl Sticker - Black & White - Hand Lettered

by Moved By Breath


A Glossy Vinyl Sticker - based on a hand lettered design featuring the word 'Joy'. Inspired by the bible verse Nehemiah 8:10. A helpful reminder to find joy!

Product description

This is a single vinyl sticker inspired by living life to its fullest. It has a glossy finish (which you can see in some of the photos). A simple yet elegant way to remind yourself or a loved one that Joy can be found in the Lord - in the middle of the highs and lows of everyday life.

This sticker works well on different surfaces, it can be removed and re-stuck a few times before losing its stickiness. It's photographed on a laptop but works well on notebooks & pencil cases etc.

The design was originally created for a greetings card but I've adapted it for use as a sticker.


Material: Vinyl Sticker 

Colour: Black & White


Height - 5 Centimetres 

Width - 5 Centimetres

Meet the Maker

Moved By Breath

Hand Crafted Linocut Prints , Watercolour Paintings & Illustrated Goods - Designed to Encourage, Inspire & Celebrate Life

Hello! Welcome to Moved By Breath! We create a range of artwork and illustrated products from Linocut Prints to Vinyl Stickers & Watercolour Illustrations. Everything starts off as a hand drawn design made with the desire to encourage and uplift others in their faith and daily life.

Some of my earliest childhood memories involve being creative; playing with paint in the garden, drawing with chalks. So it makes sense that Moved By Breath is formed of two main parts, 1. A love of creativity 2. A desire to take the word and the ways of God and make them part of everyday life.

Creating prints and products based around the word and ways of God is driven by a belief that having these things in our homes and around us helps to remind, encourage and build up our faith in God. 

My hope is that these creations are a source of joy, strength and hope to others as much as they have been to me and my family. 



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