It's The Wonderful

Bright, bold, fresh and colourful - postcards, prints, magazines & more... come take a look <3

Hi, I’m Jane - the designer and creator behind ‘It’s The Wonderful’.

Hard to know what to write… I’ve read a few stories from the other creators on here and you are all just so incredible! What I would say, is that I’m fuelled by Holy Spirit to create bright, vibrant colourful artwork.

My heart is to sow seeds of Truth, reminding people of their true worth and value in Jesus and I want to represent God in His excellence, beauty, colour and splendour by creating a range of beautifully designed, eye-catching & captivating products. So take a look, have a browse…

We have a growing collection of postcards - I am so excited to share out kids collection! Designed to encourage your smaller loved ones… I’ve just given a couple of packs to our kids school, it’s super exciting knowing that nearly 60 local children will receive an affirmation, a seed of truth which we pray will grow and flourish. If you are ordering packs to gift your child’s class, please get in touch and we will give you a discounted rate! So exciting to plant seeds far and wide.. join us 😍

I’ve been working on Wild Joy - a collection of colourful prints, all of which are direct quotes from Scripture. We’ve just release the first A4 print… more to follow!

I really appreciate you stopping by!

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