A little Joy Collection - Paint scrap Necklace

by Ooh I Like That Design

Irregular Bezel Art Scrap Pendant Necklace Part of the little joy collection inspired by Ecclesiastes 3:11 - ‘…Everything beautiful in its time.’



A joyful collaborative collection bringing you gorgeous, hand crafted jewellery made from colourful paint scraps and set in eco resin.

Delicate and colourful, each necklace is hand crafted, like a mini work of art and completely unique. All of them have colours in them from scraps of my recent artwork palette tray. All of which would normally end up in the bin.

Small - Approx 20mm circle and approx 18 ” sterling silver chain

Large - Approx 45mm circle and approx 20” sterling silver chain

The pictures shown are examples. Although you can’t pick exactly which one you get, you can choose the size. As for the rest, expect to see maybe a little flash of neon, a little gold or silver, maybe some blues and pinks. It's a nice surprise to see which one you get.

This is a collaboration piece, created with Kerry from New Phase Design, who is a eco resin jewellery artist.


As these are all made by hand in small batches in Devon so if something is out of stock, keep checking back as we restock as regularly as we can.

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