I Am So Many Things - NIV Journalling Bible

by I Am So Many Things

Yellow journaling Bible by I Am So Many Things Loved open page of I Am So Many Things Journaling Bible at Cheerfully Given

Beautiful Bible, with blank margins and 48 devotional pages created by Thea to inspire you!



We love journalling bibles as they give us the opportunity to record our thoughts, words of knowledge received, prayers made and answered, in short our full spiritual journey.

So we thought, why don't we create one that combines the NIV bible text with our life affirming 'I am' declarations and hey presto here it is!!

With extra wide pages and blank margins for journalling, it has 48 additional, devotional pages with activities and challenges created by Thea to help and guide you on your journey of true identity to becoming the fullest and freest version of who God has created you to be.

They also invite you to meditate on Thea's beautiful illustrations of some of our most popular declarations such as, ‘I am outrageously loved’, ‘I am fearfully and wonderfully made’, or ‘I am a child of God’ and to journal your response to each one in the wealth of space provided to encourage your meditation and creativity.

Ideal for birthday, Christmas, christening, confirmation or 'just because I care' gifts.

The bibles have been produced in partnership with Hodder & Stoughton and we will be eternally grateful to the amazing team there for all their hard work and support

I Am So Many Things on Cheerfully Given

Meet the Maker

I Am So Many Things

'I Am So Many Things' is a range of books, mugs, prints and cards designed by Thea Muir with love, faith and care to help plant the seeds of life giving biblical truth about your God given identity into your heart.

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