Pink Hot Air Balloon Print -Soar on Wings Like Eagles

by Rachel Larlee Creates


The Hot Air Balloon is a 8 x 10 print of an original textile embroidery piece. This was inspired by Isaiah 40 v 31 “but those who hope in the Lord will renew th

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Product description

The Hot Air Balloon

Is a print of an original textiles embroidery piece. This was inspired by Isaiah 40v31 ‘but those who hope in the Lord will renew their their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles...’

A message from the artist - 

‘This piece was originally made for my middle son. It is my prayer for him and the life he will lead. I love the image of a hot air balloon; I love the shape, I love the way it moves in the sky and the courage needed to be inside such a small basket. It takes a number of different things to fly. It needs to rely on the way that it is made, the skill of the pilot but mostly the wind to carry it. That is my prayer for my son; that he will rely on the way God has made him, that he will grow in the skills needed to succeed in life but mostly that the wind of God, His Holy Spirit, will carry him to where he is destined to go. A variety of fabrics and techniques were used to craft this scene.’

The image is printed on fine art card. The image itself measures approximately 6x8 and fits nicely in a standard 8x10 frame. 

The print comes in a cellophane bag with firm backing board and a description of the meaning behind the print. Item will be shipped in a protective envelope.

Meet the Maker

Rachel Larlee Creates

Using antique fabrics and lace, I use my needle as my brush and fabrics as my paint to capture the word of God in the everyday, creating unique Christian textile art.

 As a child, growing up in Devon, I loved nothing more than spending hours with boxes, glue, tape and whatever I could get my hands on, to make and create a new project... Later as a primary school teacher I was always using my creativity in the classroom. It wasn't until I became  pregnant with my first son that a friend taught  me how to use a sewing machine to make textile art for the nursery. Suddenly I was hooked on freestyle machine embroidery.

We spent nine years in London where my husband served as Vicar of a church in South West London. During that time I started making textile art pieces for friends as presents for birthdays or when people were going through hard times. It became a practical way of using my hands in prayer for them. As I sewed I was praying in God's  hope and comfort - trusting that I was bringing God's word to life in their situation.

My hope is that the embroidery art cards and Scripture prints that I create will give people a fresh perspective on God's Word and how He meets us in the situations we are in, through the everyday objects and scenarios of life. 

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Rachel Larlee now lives with her husband and three boys in Dallas, Texas.

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