Heather Victoria Design

Heather Victoria Design creates original, handpainted art to celebrate the glory of God.


I'm Heather and I am passionate about capturing the beauty of God's creation.

Who am I?  I am a proud mother of two living in London.  I am a self-taught watercolour artist with a background in textile design. Heather Victoria Design is a small business operated by two friends sharing a common passion.

How do I create each piece? I  hand paint all the artwork myself in my little studio using the finest quality watercolours.  Everything is professionally printed in the U.K. on luxury paper.

What do I love to paint?  My work features lush botanicals and blossoming flowers, vibrant colours and meticulous, delicate detail. Nature's beauty continually astounds and inspires me.

We love our planet! All of our papers are FSC certified and we are committed to preserving God's world through eco-friendly packaging.  Committed to operating plastic-free, every piece is packaged in compostable or recyclable materials.

Custom orders and original commissions are very welcome. If you have a favourite scripture, passage, or verse from a Hymn which you'd like brought to life through my painting, please get in touch with me  heathervictoriadesign@gmail.com

Thank you so much!