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Welcome to Grow in Grace Christian stationery: This is a new business (started in 2020) and the 2021 Daily Planner is our first product.

Grow in Grace LLP is a family operated business, offering Christian planners that contain key sections that facilitate spiritual growth, personal development & emotional wellbeing through reflection.

We aim to encourage Christian living as we grow and connect with God and others.

Mission: Produce Christian products that empower you to live a fulfilled life of minimal stress and accomplish God’s given purpose and goals.


"The inspiration of this company began as a result of my need to have a structure where I can document my devotion, miracles, goals, vision a daily activities written down. Previously, I had invested in three notebooks for my bible studies, miracles and professional life. Traveling with all three books was a great inconvenience for me as I regularly had to choose between them while on the move. At one point, I also tried using Excel to replace my physical notebooks, but missed pouring my thoughts on paper. The aim of this planner is to share with you what I have developed to help my growth in Jesus Christ and my career. I hope you find it valuable." - Yemi

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