Graffiti style art print - Super Jesus

by Little Big Faith

210mm x 210mm (8.5in) square print, featuring graffiti of Jesus


Ships from United Kingdom

Ready for dispatch in 1-3 Business Days

  • UK - £2.00
  • International - £5.95


Printed on canvas, this print has been designed to feature bright and bold imagery of super hero clad Jesus , graffitied onto a wall.

Inspired by the way that graffiti is used to raise awareness of political statments, I wanted to design a print that shares Jesus’s love - the ultimate news worthy of sharing!

I love the idea that Jesus can reach us where we are, whoever we are.

This particular print was designed with my teenage son in mind. It is sometimes difficult to keep a preoccupied teenage brain focused on Jesus. So I created this print to print onto canvas to hang in his room.

Meet the Maker

Little Big Faith

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