Got Jesus? | Ceramic Mug | John 3:16

by Scripture Bella


This immensely fun, high-quality ceramic mug with the illustrated message “Got Jesus?” is, of course, a clever play off the extremely popular campaign Got Milk?

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Product description

This immensely fun, high-quality ceramic mug with the illustrated message “Got Jesus?” is, of course, a clever play off the extremely popular campaign “Got Milk?”. Take this mug to work with you to prompt an instant conversation about your faith.  Imagine your coworkers reading the message and at first thinking it’s clever but then wondering more about your faith. After all, the question you really want to ask others is “do you know Jesus.” Let the mug do the asking for you!

Add this dishwasher and microwave safe mug, lovingly illustrated in Scripture Bella’s studio in the UK, to your mug collection. It’s good for a laugh each day when you bring it down from the cupboard. It can also help you refocus on your own faith, reminding you daily to focus on your relationship with Christ.  For anyone who loves a good play off a popular slogan and also happens to be a believer, this mug is a must-have item. 


High quality ceramic. The ceramic mugs are dishwasher safe and microwave safe.


The mug dimensions are 93mm in height, 80mm in diameter and hold 11oz.

This mug will be shipped out in a protective mug mailer

Meet the Maker

Scripture Bella

Scripture Bella is a luxury print and design company which was established with the aim of spreading the gospel in the most beautiful and stylish way, by printing stationeries, gifts items and other products artistically designed with encouraging, inspiring and motivational texts. “Bella” in our brand name means “Devoted to God,” and in accordance with that, we believe that the gospel should be passed across in a fun and beautiful way. Hence, we bring hope and encouragement from the scriptures and stylishly engrave them on our products. We are a team of skilled and talented designers, and we are using our skills to add color to the beautiful words of the scripture.

Our Services

From book covers to post-it notes, tote bags and pencils, we create different kinds of stationeries and paper goods which will speak to your mind and uplift your spirit. Our products also include Greeting Cards, Notes, Journals and other gift items. We also a design bespoke goods to suit the taste, purpose and specification of our customers.

Why Us?

We don’t just spread words of hope and inspiration; we spread them in the most stylish manner. Our prints are artistically designed by the most talented creative designers, and the products we sell are made of high quality and durable materials.

As Christians, we know that all strength can be drawn from the scriptures, but sometimes the challenges of life make it even hard to open the bible. Our prints will make the scriptures easier, remind you of the word of God, and flash those inspiring verses in your face at all times.

Do you need something inspiring to send to a friend who is depressed? Do you want to remind your child or friend about the unfailing word of God? We have everything you need, and can design something special for you. Drop us an email at



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