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Gospel Centred Parenting

A collaboration between Rory Henderson and Scott and Cathy Thomson from Gospel-Centred Parenting

At Gospel-Centred Parenting we believe that the gloriously good news of the gospel speaks into our lives in whatever situations we face.

That is certainly true when it comes to parenting. The gospel is good news for family life for both parents and children: it brings hope and freedom, a new identity and it removes guilt and brings purpose.

Gospel-Centred Parenting began as a blog in 2015. More recently Scott and Cathy have joined with Rory Henderson to begin producing beautiful products that have one single aim: helping individuals and families to remember the gospel.

We've made products for advent, to help you keep Jesus at the heart of Christmas. We have ideas up our sleeve for prints, greetings cards and other gifts. Watch this space...

We're having lots of fun working together to design this new range of products. When we're not working on Gospel-Centred Parenting, we enjoy being part of a church plant in the North East of England.

We're also really excited to be able to give 10% of all profit to the work of Bible translation and distribution - we want to help even more people have access to the gospel for themselves.

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