Gifted by Kaydee

Beautiful hand painted journalling bibles, to personally inspire each reader.

Gifted by Kaydee started as a way to fundraise for mission trips through blessing people with prophetically painted pieces on their bibles. Eventually I was challenged by God to quit my job to pursue a greater calling in using my God given talent to bless you wonderful people! Each piece is either chosen by you or prophetically and prayerfully inspired thus, making it completely unique to each person, I offer two sizes; the first a full journalling NIV bible and the second a pocket size KJV (New Testament and Psalms).

I currently live in London and am engaged to a wonderful God fearing man. I pray that this business will continue to be a source of funding for mission trips, and that through it I will bless you, encourage you and inspire you! 

Thanks for checking in, 

Much love, Kaydee!