Fully known, deeply loved journal II

by The Echoes of Her Heart


A beautiful journal to write and document your thoughts, dreams, desires prayers and conversations with God.

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Product description

This journal is undated, you can write in your own dates each time you write.

Each page is dedicated to something different. On the first page you write down the topic of meditation, study or reflection, then a "selah" moment page to pause, reflect and journal what is on your heart, a page to discuss how God is dealing with you, and lastly a page to document your prayers.

You can use this journal to document your intimate moments with your Lord. It will serve as a powerful, tangible reminder of His activity in your heart and life.

Product spec: 
- A5 size (approx) spiral bound journal- 41.5x20x23cm 
- 150 inner pages
- Made with high quality 80gsm paper 
- Binding: gold spiral binding

Meet the Maker

The Echoes of Her Heart


I am Alethea; a Christian woman, wife and mother on her journey, sharing all that the Lord is doing in my life with other like minded women with the hope of encouraging and cheering them on in their own walk of faith.

Journaling and writing have always been part of my Christian journey. It has allowed me to connect with God on an intimate level and to share on paper what I couldn't voice with words at times.

In 2014/2015, the Lord began to stir in my heart to share my experience and growth through journaling with some young women that I was mentoring, and that's when the deep desire and passion to encourage women towards intimacy with Jesus was awakened.

God planted the seed for me to create a journal to help women draw closer to Him through writing, and the first The Echoes of my heart quiet time journal was designed and launched in July 2016. 

Since then over 1,000 journals have been sold in the UK and other parts of the world. God is meeting a need within His daughter's hearts and the work has only just begun. In a world full of a lot of superficialities, there are women searching for more than what our culture and media presents.


There are women who are seeking to connect with the Father's heart at a deeper level and to drink from the well that never runs dry because they know that only Jesus can satisfy the deep longings, needs and desires of their hearts.

I am so grateful that He sowed the seed, and is continuing to water it and cause it to flourish. Our lives find true meaning and purpose when we are deeply tethered to and rooted in the vine that is Jesus. He provides clarity and helps us to live abundant fulfilled lives to His glory. 

Since the original quiet time journal, other products have been created to inspire and encourage our hearts toward Jesus. It is my prayer that you will be encouraged by every stationery item in the shop!

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