For God So Loved | Set of 3 | Limited Edition | Gold Foil A5 Prints

by RosyStudio

Luxury limited edition Gold foil print on a matte navy background. These share the message of God's love for us, his plan and the greatest gift of Jesus'.

RosyStudio is on holiday.

I’m currently taking a break from selling my artwork. Hopefully I’ll be back soon!


A set of 3 luxury limited edition A5 prints featuring designs and a verse that remind us of God’s love and grace for us.

This set includes 3 print designs.

God’s gift

A gift box folds out to reveal a manger, printed in gold foil on a navy background. The image is a reminder of God’s gift to us, his son Jesus, that we could be saved through him.

For God so loved the world

This print features the words of John 3:16 ‘For God so loved the world’ in gold foil in a handwritten style font. This print is perfect hung between the two other prints in the set as a verse that is at the core of God’s gift and plan for us.

God’s masterplan

A technical style drawing of a manger is printed in gold foil on a matte navy backdrop. With detailed numbering connect the design pieces to Bible verses below which point to prophecies of Jesus’ coming from the Old testament this print is a reminder of God’s plan to send Jesus to save us.


Each print is gold foil printed on a navy background with a small white border. It is printed on 380gsm matte laminated stock.

These prints are Limited edition, only 30 of each design printed. Each print is number and signed.


Orders will be dispatched within 3 workings days.

Items will be packaged in a card back envelope to keep your print flat.

Free UK shipping.

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