Embroidery by Faith

Christian embroidery kits for beginners and embroidery enthusiasts

Embroidery by Faith is on holiday

Sorry, I have had to stop taking orders due to personal circumstances. I hope to be back in 2023.

I started Embroidery by Faith to inspire people to get stitching and to bless people with Christian artwork. 

So many of us turn to arts and crafts to cope with difficult times, whether it be stress, illness or just to escape from the business of life. Embroidery is a great activity for times like these as it's very easy to learn, doesn't require a lot of specialist materials, and is not messy! And you end up with a truly unique piece of artwork for your home! 

Arts and crafts provide us with many benefits, but many people don't get to experience these as they don't consider themselves 'artistic' or perhaps were never good at creative subjects at school. I believe embroidery is for everyone and that's why I created beginner embroidery kits specifically designed for those who have never embroidered before- just look out for the beginner-friendly tag! 

Most of all, I want my artwork to point people to Jesus. 

Unfortunately, so much of the contemporary embroidery movement is based on stitching negative and even offensive images/ words. I want my embroidery to be light in this art form and to give glory to God, the source of all art and creativity. 

God bless and happy stitching!